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Geologist Geological Hammer

Rock Picks or Geology Hammers have bonded and molded Shock Reduction Grip. Nylon end cap now makes this hammer the most durable on the market. The head and handle are forged in one piece and are fully polished. These tools have unsurpassed balance and is double tempered for added strength.

Cat No. Variants Size Buy Images
FE01a FE01a GEOLOGIST's HAMMER : Chissel Imported All steel with Rubber covered handle without Joint. - - rocks and minerals supplier
FE01b FE01b GEOLOGIST's HAMMER : Pointed Imported All steel with Rubber covered handle without Joint - - rocks and minerals supplier
FE03a FE03a GEOLOGIST's HAMMER USA Estwing Pointed - - rocks and minerals supplier
FE03b FE03b GEOLOGIST's HAMMER USA Estwing Chissel - - rocks and minerals supplier



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