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Collection of 20 Alloys, Set of 20 Alloys

Q. What is an Alloy?

A. Alloys are metallic materials consisting of two or more elements combined in such a way that they cannot be readily separated by physical means. More than 90% of metals used are in the fo ....

Collection of 10/12 Metals

Q. What is a Metal ?

A. Metals are opaque, lustrous elements that are good conductors of heat and electricity. Most metals are malleable and ductile and are, in general, denser than the other elemental substances.

Collection of 20 / 24 Metals & Alloys

This Collection contains Some of Basic Metals & Alloys Specimens. The Metal Specimens include Some of the following Aluminium (Al), Antimony (Sb), Copper (Cu), Cadmium (Cd), Iron (Fe), Lead (Pb), Magnesium (Mg), Nickel (Ni), Tin (Sn) & Zinc (Zn) Etc.


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