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Rocks & Minerals Test kit With Mohs Hardness Scale Set

Rocks & Minerals Test Kit RMMHKIT with Mohs Hardness Scale Set contains 10 Minerals for Testing the Streak Test, Magnetism Test & Acid Reaction Test. This Collection contains 10 Minerals represents the scale of Hardness Talc (H=1), Gypsum (H=2), Calcite (H=3), Fluorite (H=4), Apatite (H=5), Orthoclase (H=6), Quartz (H=7), Topaz (H=8) & Corundum (H=9) & 10 Mineral Magnetite for Magnetism Test. In this Kit The Accessories & Tools is Knife, Iron Plate, Streak Plate, Glass Plate, Copper Plate, Iron Plate, Garnet Board, Magnet, Hand Lens, Acid Drop Bottle (Empty) & Instruction Manual for Doing These Test. Rocks and minerals Mohs hardness scale set, utilized for harsh measure of the resistance of a smooth surface to scraped area or scratching, measure in terms of scale devised. . if you want to purchase this Rocks & Minerals Test Kit with Mohs Hardness Scale Set contact us anytime.


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Cat No. Variants Size Buy Images
RMMHKIT Partition Tray Colour Box 8"x6" Buy Online rocks and minerals supplier
RMMHKITWB Wooden Box 9"x7" Buy Online rocks and minerals supplier
RMMHKIT3 Big Size Specimen Appox 3 9"x18" - rocks and minerals supplier



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