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Collection of 9 Glass

This Collection contains 9 Types of Glass.
The Kits include Some of the following Glass : Soda Glass, Potash Glass, Lead Crystal Glass, Pyrex Glass, Optical Glass, Photochromatic Glass, Safety Glass, Glass Fibre & Coloured Glass.

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Cat No. Variants Size Buy Images
GC09PM Paper Mounted Showcase 9"x6" - rocks and minerals supplier
GC09PS Polished Showcase 9"x6" - rocks and minerals supplier


  • Hello I'm kamal sarkar an assistant professor of department of geography,kurseong college, Darjeeling. In our UG syllabus there are lot of Rock and minerals (mega scopic) identification but very few are available in our department so if you provides some sample then the students will be highly benefited. Our requirements are as follows.. Rock sample: 1. granite 2. Basalt 3. Dolerite 4. Gabro, 5. Quartzite 6. sand stone 7. Mud stone. 8 slate. 9 phyllite 10. Mineral sample: 1.Talc , 2.hematite 3 magnetites 4 Galena 5. Chalcopyrite 6. Feldsper 7 .mica 8. Calcite 9. Bauxite 10. Graphite 11. Quartz I'm waiting for your response , if free delivery is possible then it will be blessed for us otherwise we will pay the cost of the sample . Mr. Kamal sarkar Dept of of geography Kurseong college Dowhill road Darjeeling Contact no 9832526521


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