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Minerals Science Activity Kit

All of you / Children / Geologists Wants to Learn about Minerals. They want to know its Physical Properties Like Hardness, Colour, Fracture, Cleavage, Streak, Luster, Tenacity, Specific Gravity, Feel Properties, Odur/Taste, Magnetic/Non Magnetic, Acid Reaction etc.

So Rocksmins Minerals Science Activity Kit is the Complete Solution for Young Geologists/Studnets.
This Activity Kit Contains 20 Types of Minerals Specimens, Streak Plate, Glass Plate, Copper Plate, Iron Plate, Garnet Board, Knife, Iron Nail, Magnet, Hand Lens, Folded Lens, Acid Drop Bottle (Empty) with Instruction Manual, Rocks / Minerals Worksheet & Rocks / Minerals Crossword Game Chart all neatly packed in a Compartment Box. 

This Activity Box contains  20 Types of Basic Minerals Specimens. The Minerals Specimens include Some of the following Agate, Amethyst, Barytes, Calcite, China Clay, Dolomite, Feldspar, Fire Clay, Fullers Earth, Graphite, Gypsum, Hematite, Jasper, Magnetite, Mica, Pyrolusite, Pyrophillite, Quartz, Soap Stone, Sulphur, Tourmaline etc.

Specimen Names Change Time to Time without any Notice for Making Variety or Lack of Stock.

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MI20ACPT Partition Tray Color Box 6"x12" Buy Online rocks and minerals supplier
MI20ACWB Wooden Box Polished 7"x12" Buy Online rocks and minerals supplier



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