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Thin Section of Rocks & Minerals (Set of 20 Slides 10+10)

This Collection contains 20 Types of Thin Section of Rocks & Minerals Slides of Igneous, Sedimentary & Metamorphic Rocks Types which is very helpful for age of 15 years and above.

              All the sections thin enough that you can observe under the microscope with transmitted light (passing through section, from below) They all thin enough that You can see light through them. They all mounted with quality glass slides and covers with Transparent Glue.  The slides allow you to view features of rocks which are otherwise unseen with the naked eye. All sections are made to 30 microns and measure 75 x 25 mm in size and have a cover slip of the section. The slide its self comes in a protective paper sleeve with the name of the specimen on the front.

Specimen Names Change Time to Time without any Notice for Making Variety or Lack of Stock.

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Cat No. Variants Size Buy Images
RM20SL Packed in Die Cut Box 8"x6" Buy Online rocks and minerals supplier
RM01SL Single Slide - - rocks and minerals supplier



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